What Is Power Whitening

  • POWER WHITENING is a completely safe, proven method of teeth whitening that has been established in the USA for more than 10 years and since 2007 in the UK.
  • POWER WHITENING uses a revolutionary lamp which activates the patented whitening gel to hygienically remove the staining on the teeth effectively in a single one hour treatment requiring only one POWER WHITENING appointment.
  • POWER WHITENING uses an amazing non-bleaching whitening gel system that provides a lower chance of sensitivity compared to laser whitening or bleaching trays systems.
  • POWER WHITENING uses a range of whitening gels that will be specifically matched to your teeth. During the per-consultation we will discuss the results you are looking to achieve and apply the whitening gel most appropriate to your needs.
  • POWER WHITENING is completely safe, hygienic and incredibly effective at whitening your teeth to reveal a new smile for you!
  • POWER WHITENING is only carried out by trained and certified teeth whitening professionals. Unlike some of our competitors, with POWER WHITENING you have complete peace of mind because your treatment is carried out by a specialist.
  • POWER WHITENING treatment can be provided at a clinic near you.
  • POWER WHITENING offers a UNIQUE GUARANTEE that your teeth will be noticeably whiter after the treatment.
  • POWER WHITENING offers exceptionally attractive value for money prices. Please click here to see our latest special offers.
  • POWER WHITENING results can last up to two years and with good dental care. Future top up treatments costs only £99.00 for existing POWER WHITENING customers.

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Excellent Job

I never thought that whitening my teeth was so easy, the procedure was completely painless and I got white shining teeth within an hour of treatment.
– Ken

Good Job

Even after four months, my teeth are still shining perfectly. Many of friends have gone through this treatment and everybody is more than satisfied with their new looks.
– David