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In 2007 we after-tooth-whiteningcarried out our very first laser teeth whitening treatment, since then we have carried out 1000’s of similar treatments.

Displayed on this page are examples of our work from many of our satisfied customers.

As we all know very few people are born with brilliant white teeth. Most of us have teeth which are off-white or even yellow in colour.

Over the years the simple act of living affects our teeth making the colour even worse. Eating and drinking takes its toll on them, red wine and curries are particularly bad for the appearance of the teeth; there are also many other drinks and foodstuffs with strong colouring causing the pores in the teeth to clog.

If you are a smoker then your teeth will really suffer, smoking really has a negative effect on them.

It is quite surprising how many people will not smile or talk in public because they worry about the appearance of their teeth.

Your face is the focal point of your body, when somebody looks at you, it is where their attention is drawn to. Likewise the mouth is the focal point of the face, which explains why people worry about their teeth and why it affects their confidence.

This could be as much as 10 shades from your present colour.

Self-confidence is a very important part of human nature and without it life can be very difficult indeed. It can impact on relationships, work and the age you look.

However that is enough about stained, discoloured and yellow teeth.

Here at Power Teeth Whitening we are only interested in giving you white sparkling teeth.

The kind of teeth which dazzle, attract and instil a look of professionalism and youthfulness.

Laser whitening your teeth can give you all of this and more.

Fresh Teeth Whitening use the latest techniques and equipment to give you that ‘to die for smile’.

Our technicians are fully trained and insured for your peace of mind. With a one-off consultation and treatment session, lasting approximately 75 minutes, you will have teeth to be confident of revealing.

The whitening can last up to 2 years, after this time you can have the procedure topped-up, for a greatly reduced price of £130

Once you have arranged your appointment, you can have the treatment undertaken at home or you can attend one of our network of clinics throughout the UK.

There, you will meet with our fully trained and insured technicians. During the consultation our technician will explain the procedure and you will select what shade of white you wish your teeth to become. We use the ‘Vita Bleach Shade Guide’ to decide which shade you would like your teeth to be.

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