Power Laser Teeth Whitening in Sussex

Laser teeth whitening

Laser teeth whitening is ideal for perfecting your smile ready for an event. Be it a wedding, party, date or holiday, ensure your smile looks perfect on photos with Laser teeth whitening. These days there is no need to feel embarrassed about smiling for photos or laughing with friends any more as you have a cleaner looking, whiter teeth.

Laser teeth whitening is quick, with sessions taking just 1 hour to complete. It is effective with instant results. The pain-free, non-invasive procedure involves a non-peroxide bleach applied to the teeth.

A laser is then shone on each tooth to enhance the effects of the bleach, giving you brighter, whiter teeth. It is a safe method that has been performed for many years, and we are highly experienced in providing laser teeth whitening.

If your teeth are stained through drinking red wine or cola, coffee or smoking, laser teeth whitening can remove the stains, and make your teeth whiter. You can have it done on your lunch break, walk in with yellowed, stained teeth, and leave just an hour later with whiter, cleaner looking teeth.

The effects of laser teeth whitening can last for months with care. A top up is recommended after 18-24 months to keep your teeth as white as possible. If you smoke or drink cola or coffee, you can have a top up sooner as your teeth may become stained faster.

Some of the areas we cover in the Sussex area