Refresh treatments from Power teeth whitening

At some point in the future the teeth after your laser teeth whitening treatment the teeth will re-stain and the great news is that once you have had a treatment with Power White then future teeth whitening is only £129.00

Here are some QA’s relating to our refresh service –

How long after the initial treatment can i have a refresh?

This will depend on how you want the teeth to look and affordability. Some people want a natural smile and therefore having the laser teeth whitening done every couple of years is manageable and affordable. Other customers will have the laser teeth treatment every 6-9 months to get and maintain a glowing white smile.

What do I get for £139.00?

After inspecting the teeth and gums we proceed with two application of the gel and the light which takes around 40 minutes to perform.

What results can I expect?

This will depend on how much the teeth re-stain from the previous laser whitening treatment. Typically once the staining has been neutralised it is then possible to over-whiten the teeth and therefore brighten them a little whiter each time you have the treatment

If I had my teeth whitened by another company can I have the refresh?

No. This is an ongoing offer only for previous Power Whitening customers.