Power Laser Teeth Whitening Leicestershire

Laser teeth whitening

Having white teeth is essential especially if you mingle a lot. The advantages of having white teeth are so many. White teeth make a smile look bright and bold. One of the benefits of the treatment it makes you look younger which is amazing.

Your friends and colleagues will notice your brown teeth, and even though they don’t say it, they will be thinking about it. Brown teeth can be as a result of simple stuff like coffee and that glass of wine you always look forward to. It is up to you to make sure your teeth are white by getting laser teeth whiting. The process is so easy and fast.

Laser teeth whitening is safe and effective the results are instant. You do not have to wait for a week like some whiteners. It is also pain-free, fast and non-peroxide. If you want to impress, during those very important interviews and dates try laser teeth whitening.

Areas we cover in Leicestershire

A bright smile will be perfect for a wedding or a party. You must get compliments on how white they are which will boost your self-esteem. Having brown teeth even take away an opportunity you very well qualify for. For example, if the job requires you to frequently appear on television they will go with the person with a better brighter smile.

Laser teeth whitening is safe and works very well to whiten the teeth back to their former White, bright colour in just one hour.

Why it makes sense to have laser teeth whitening done at home.  We specialise in just laser whitening and have done since 2007 and our team of cosmetic whitening specialists take time before each treatment to explain the process in our consultation. This type of service is rare, trust us!

It saves you money- we do not have large overheads and therefore it costs you less than a dentist for a similar treatment.

Its more relaxing – going to an unfamiliar surrounding is more stressful than having the treatment at home

It’s flexible – we can offer out of hours appointments including evenings and weekends to suit.

It works – we can always whiten the teeth somewhere between 6-12 shades depending on how stained your teeth are before the treatment.

It’s fast – once we have set up the whitening equipment we are only there for just over one hour.

It’s our specialism – we do not offer tanning, nails, skin treatments or anything else only laser teeth whitening.

It’s fresh – save the embarrassment of having laser whitening in a shopping centre, save a fortune by having the same treatment done by a local dentist.

It’s safe – laser teeth whitening has been around for nearly 10 years and if it was unsafe why are dentists offering the same treatment?

It’s cheaper – if you book with a friend or family member.