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Laser teeth whitening is the completely safe way to whiten the teeth, the process involving whitening each tooth one by one. It also does not affect the gums and prevents further teeth complications later on. The treatment takes about 3 to 4 weeks, but each visit will take about an hour.

Laser teeth whitening is sometimes known as “power whitening” which is named after the power from the lasers, but it is be hoped that the process also gives more confidence and power to our clients.
Although the process doesn’t hurt, some people may experience additional sensitivity to the teeth after it has been carried out. Toothpaste for people with sensitive teeth can counteract the effects. We can advise on the best products to use if you are unsure.

Even after whitening, it is still important to look after your teeth, brushing with a fluoride toothpaste, reducing intake of sugary drinks and food and visiting the dentist as often as they recommend. The effects last about ten years, after which you are free to have the procedure again.

Hundreds of these procedures are carried out daily, and our whitening clinicians are fully trained in the process. There is no need to have followed ups, but if you want to communicate with us again, please use the form provided.

Please reply below if you have a comment about our services, please refer to the clinic you attended. Please give a phone number if you require a personal call. It helps if you tell us the best time to contact you.

Please note that anything you say below will be in the strictest confidence unless you wish to make a review of our services, in which case tell us that you do not mind it being used as such. Thank you.

Instant teeth whitening means an instant boost to my self esteem. I had to go for school reunion and wanted to look my absolute best and knew for that I needed to whiten my teeth. Power Teeth Whitening is did that and that too within an hour.

It’s simple, its instant, its clean and it’s the best. Laser whitening at Power Teeth Whitening is like a walk in a park. I recommend it to everyone looking for a quick fix.

I had a household full of people and couldn’t step out of home for even a couple of hours that is when Power Whitening came to rescue. Within an hour my teeth were much better and I felt completely confident.

I wanted a treatment that was instant and cost efficient but also that stayed 4 long. Power Whitening did the treatment when u r home. They give u a complete set of guide of how 2 take care of your teeth.

Kudos to Power Teeth Whitening for helping me smile again and boosting my smile.
Excellent and quick laser whitening procedure. No more yellow teeth and bye bye to bad smile. Great job.

My teeth went 12 shades lighter with a laser whitening treatment at Power Teeth Whitening. My teeth looked bright and white in just a matter of an hour.

I got the treatment right before my wedding day and it had no side effects at all. I went perfectly at the wedding flaunting my beautiful white teeth leaving every one jel!.

I have always adored my teeth and when they started to turn yellow, I couldn’t handle it. So I went for laser teeth whitening and got my teeth back from Power Teeth Whitening.

Teeth are the most important part of the face and I just can’t resist if they are dull. So I went 2 Power Teeth Whitening and got white teeth that suit my personality.

Superb work by Power Teeth Whitening. Got a picture perfect smile now.

Power Teeth Whitening is so quick and effective. I just love the results on my teeth. It feels good to have teeth that shine bright!.

Power Whitening is the best place to come if you need laser treatment for white teeth. They give good results in short time.

Yellow teeth are a like a bad curse. Thankfully I got rid of it with the help of  Power Whitening in less than 45 minutes at my home.

I couldn’t have smiled at work if I had to hide my yellow teeth while presenting myself in front of the people. Thanks to Power Teeth Whitening, they made my teeth and career bright.

I got the Power Teeth Whitening treatment done few months back and I must say that they did an excellent job. I really love my teeth and they are doing great.

I never believed that it will work but just in one hour it actually did. It was like they cleaned my teeth with magic spells!.

I had yellow teeth but I thought that the treatment will cause me pain and after effects. But Power Teeth Whitening gave me no pain service and it was actually true.

The treatment at home with Power Teeth Whitening didn’t took much time and gave me back my long lost white smile.

Thanks to Power Teeth Whitening for bringing back my white smile and helping me with gaining back my confidence.

The smile treatment at home with Power Teeth Whitening was absolutely amazing and a good experience.

Power Teeth Whitening made me regain my confident smile in a much cost effective manner. Their laser treatment is the best.

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