Cosmetic Dentistry: Creating The Perfect Smile Makeover

When you desire for a perfect smile, then the only way to get it is Cosmetic dentistry. At Power Whitening we believe in fulfilling your desires by providing you the most suitable treatment for your dental issues. Although, the work is a bit difficult and you can’t expect that just by waving a magic wand all will be done, but our professional experts have the right experience to perform teeth whitening . We make use of the various procedures to proffer some magic to your smile and annex some charm to your teeth.

What’s your dream?

The first and the foremost thing that our experts will ask you during the cosmetic dentistry consultation is what dos a ‘dream smile’ means to you. This term has various distinctive definitions as per each and every individual and you can’t just provide a generic answer to this question. The only perfect answer for this question is the type of look that you want.

Our dental experts in Cambridge will spend some time in knowing your wants and desires about having a perfect smile and what all treatment will suit you best. All this will be done before the thorough clinical examination. Then, they will tell you how they can make your dream come true and what dental procedure will be followed.

It might be possible that you will benefit from one singe procedure or from combination to two or more procedures, which are present in our cosmetic dentistry menu. Whatever your needs are, we’ll take care of them and we will provide you the best customized treatment plan for you.

The most popular options, which are there in our cosmetic dentistry menu are:

Teeth whitening: This one is everyone’s favourite and when the dentist carry out this procedure, then the treatment becomes safe and more reliable. This method will boost your appearance and your smile both. We also have home teeth whitening kit that generally takes a fortnight to show effective results.

Teeth straightening: Many adults dreams of having straighter teeth, but they are afraid to wear metal braces. But, now you don’t need to worry, as we have other discreet methods to provide to straight teeth. Like, you can go for Invisalign, which are invisible braces and even for other dental procedures, which will show results without any need of tight wires and tied teeth.

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