Common Questions

How Does It Work?

POWER WHITENING is a safe, fast and effective way of whitening the teeth in just a single one hour treatment with results up to 12 shades whiter. After we have protected the gums and soft tissues we then apply the patented whitening gel to the front surface of the teeth. The POWER WHITENING light unit is activated and will whiten the teeth dramatically during the following 60 minutes with immediate results. Here are the teeth whitening questions –

Does it hurt?

We take great care of our clients and the vast majority of people feel no discomfort either during or after teeth whitening treatment. Unlike some other whitening systems, POWER WHITENING has a range of whitening gels so if you have suffered minor sensitivity in the past we can apply a different gel to ensure you feel no discomfort but still get a beautiful new smile.

How White Will my teeth become?

POWER WHITENING can whiten the teeth right up to 12 shades on the Vita shade guide. Prior to the teeth whitening pre-consultation which we will demonstrate on the shade guide how your teeth should look after the treatment and show typical results.

How Long Does Power Whitening take?

The POWER WHITENING treatment takes only 60 minutes but the pre and post consultation takes around 30 minutes so please leave around 90 minutes in total.

How long does Power Whitening Treatment last?

A combination of maintaining good dental care and routine regular visits to your dentist will ensure that your new smile will last up to 2 years. Future top up sessions or smile kits can be purchased to maintain the effects of your treatment. Click here for more information.

Where are you located?
We come to you at home. Maximum convenience and we offer evening,weekend appointments at no extra cost.

Who carries out the treatment?

POWER WHITENING is a proven guaranteed system of whitening the teeth and we are proud that all our teeth whitening consultants are all specifically trained to an exacting standard, are fully insured and only practice specialised teeth whitening. We can guarantee that you are in good hands.

Do you get guaranteed results?

Yes the POWER WHITENING system can always whiten the teeth whatever your age and colouration of your teeth. By combining state-of-the-art equipment and treatment products with our vast experience in teeth whitening ensures we achieve brilliant results every time.

Does it work?
Yes. From the moment that your treatment is completed, you will notice an immediate improvement. Unlike other treatments, you will only need to our treatment once to notice a difference.

Why is the treatment so much cheaper than my dentist?

POWER WHITENING is cheaper than other teeth whitening procedures offered by most dentists because are independent and not part of a dentist practice and therefore do not have the same high overheads Because we are specialists at whitening teeth we are able to save money by bulk buying our whitening materials – savings that we are able to pass on to you.

Can you whiten veneers, dentures, fillings etc?

Typically crowns, veneer, dentures or filling will be a slightly different in colour and texture to your natural teeth and this makes it difficult to match the colour exactly. If your natural teeth are darker a good match can often be created to provide an acceptable balance; but if your natural teeth are lighter than your veneer or filling, POWER WHITENING treatment may be more difficult to match.

To obtain the best possible solution we suggest after optimum teeth whitening you then consult your dentist to replace a veneer or filling with a replacement that matches your new natural teeth whiteness achieved after POWER WHITENING.

Does laser teeth whitening work?

Yes laser teeth whitening does work and the reason for this is that a combination of a special non peroxide whitening gel, oxygen and our power whitening light systems ensure the tooth is removed of its staining components.

How long before I can get an appointment?
How long you have to wait before getting an appointment varies from clinic to clinic. We do, from time to time, have cancelation appointments. Our prices for these appointments can be up to 35% cheaper.

Is there a minimum age?
It is recommended that those undergoing treatment are at least 18 years.


The POWER WHITENING system is proven and this is why our customers are more than happy to refer friends and family for their teeth whitening treatment. We ensure the lips, gums, tongue and soft tissues in your mouth are fully protected before treatment begins and you should not experience any discomfort. POWER WHITENING gels are all CE approved and have passed stringent tests to meet current requirements.

How does POWER WHITENING compare to Zoom?

The POWER WHITENING system uses a selection of whitening gels that are activated by a laser light to ensure you get optimum results. In comparison Zoom uses just one bleaching gel which can cause sensitivity. Zoom whitening is a brand exclusively available to dentists who benefit from the manufacturer’s extensive marketing program.

How does POWER WHITENING compare to Bleaching trays?

The benefit of POWER WHITENING is instant – results are achieved after a single 60 minute treatment. Bleaching trays require them to be worn orally whilst sleeping. Over the prescribed 14 days course many people report increasing sensitivity and abandon the treatment. For bleaching trays to be successful it is also necessary to avoid drinking coffee tea or wine during the treatment period. With POWER WHITENING you are only required to resist discolouring food and drink for 48-hours.
Click here to learn about white diet after care.

Does Power Whitening charge a consultation Fee?

No our prices are simple and fair. POWER WHITENING does not charge a consultation fee. The prices advertised on our website are INCLUSIVE and you will not be expected to pay anything more, We do not have any hidden charges.

Are there any restrictions on who can have the treatment?
While the procedure does not use any harmful chemicals if you are pregnant or think you might be pregnant or breastfeeding then the recommendation is that you avoid having the treatment. If you have any doubt, you should talk to your GP.

Can you guarantee that POWER WHITENING treatment will definitely work?

POWER WHITENING works every time and during the consultation we take you through before any treatment begins we will show you how we would expect your teeth to look after the whitening treatment. No matter your age or how much staining you have on your teeth our system will work for you and make your teeth whiter.
Do I need to follow a strict diet after Power Whitening treatment?

You are NOT required to maintain a special diet after treatment but we do suggest that you follow a few simple rules outlined on our white diet page for 48-hours to ensure that your treatment is not impaired.

Where can I find a clinic that provides Power Whitening treatment?

We have Power Whitening clinics across London, East Anglia, the Home Counties, South of England, East and West Midlands so if you live any of these parts of the country there is likely to be a Power Whitening clinic within a short drive of your home.

Teeth Whitening Questions from Power Whitening