Why Choose Power Teeth Whitening?

The fastest way to get your teeth whiten with amazing results in just one hour – Power teeth whitening.

Reasons to choose Power Teeth Whitening?

Mobile Whitening Makes Sense

At Fresh, we can offer you a way of getting your teeth whitened at home receiving the same treatment that you would have at a teeth whitening clinic.

Another reason is you do not drive or want to go to a clinic to have your teeth whitened and with Power White, you get a clinic treatment in the comfort of your home.

Laser teeth whitening the FRESH way – Power Teeth Mobile Whitening

We make have a whiter smile easier and more accessible as we have clinics all over the UK. If you don’t want to wait weeks for a new whiter smile then our treatment is perfect for you as it takes one hour and the results are instant so why wait give us a try and we promise you wont be disappointed.