Customer Stories – Caroline

Caroline – Found the right procedure for her.

Caroline, an up and coming executive and mother from Ealing had such a busy lifestyle she didn’t feel she had time for teeth whitening, what with her busy job in a stressful office and her exhausting twins to look after. So she didn’t let it worry her.
However when her colleague at work was promoted over her to a better-paid job she decided she had better check out her options. She also investing too much time into the business and the family but not so much in herself. Could it be her teeth holding her back? The yellow staining? People had mentioned it to her a few times. Surely it was solvable?
She tried using bleaching trays but they just took so long and was causing irritation to the side of her gums and she was finding that the sensitivity of her teeth was also holding her back. She felt she was doing everything right, she knew that she had to keep up with brushing her teeth with the tray treatment but she still was growing impatient, the results were taking too long to take effect. It was just too much effect. There must be a quicker way to obtain results?
So she decided to get Optima White treatment in the comfort of her own home, which was one of the many reasons she chose us. The results were instant, the laser effects created the right effect in just one hour. It is very safe and completely pain-free.
She felt the teeth straightening procedure wasn’t for her. Although she has had braces in the past and some other problems here she felt it was slightly wrong for her at this time. And we respected her decision as the right one for her. She can always come back if she changes her mind.
After the procedure, Caroline was completely happy with the result. And even her twins have noticed the difference in her beam.
But why shouldn’t she be? The results offered by us are completely guaranteed. The difference in her smile after such as short amount of time shows what a revolutionary treatment this is. We are glad that she is so pleased with the treatment.
Now she has finally got a promotion she feels much more confident about life and all that it offers. Somehow life doesn’t seem so stressful.
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