Power White Teeth Whitening Bedfordshire

Laser teeth whitening

It is fast

The advantage of the laser teeth whitening Bedfordshire method is its speed. Unlike other whitening products, it gives immediate and simple results. It does not require a long time to achieve good and visible results.

It is effective

With just one session with your dentist, it is possible to obtain useful results. Only in extreme occasions, you will need more than one session with your dentist.

It is pain-free

When you use laser teeth whitening it does not make your gums weak or painful in the procedure. It just provides with excellent results without hurting your gums.

It is Safe

The process of using this method is safe as it has precaution methods in which you use rubbers and neutralising gels to keep your gum and teeth safe, thus protecting them from damages in the tissues.

Instant results

With just one session with your dentist it possible to achieve amazing results immediately and instantly.


Laser teeth whitening does not contain peroxide thus making it safe for use. Peroxide causes damages like stains on your gums, irritation and teeth injuries.

It is perfect for wedding, parties, holidays, dates and interviews

Laser teeth whitening is advisable for special events s it brings out excellent results thus increasing your confidence in your smile. As it is known such events requires smile and unless you are confident it’s hard to be comfortable.

Areas we cover in Beds

Laser teeth whitening is safe and works very well to whiten the teeth back to their former White, bright colour in just one hour.

Why it makes sense to have laser teeth whitening done at home.

We specialise in just laser whitening and have done since 2007 and our team of cosmetic whitening specialists take time before each treatment to explain the process in our consultation.

This type of service is rare, trust us!

It saves you money- we do not have large overheads and therefore it costs you less than a dentist for a similar treatment.

Its more relaxing – going to an unfamiliar surrounding is more stressful than having the treatment at home.

It’s flexible – we can offer out of hours appointments including evenings and weekends to suit.

It works – we can always whiten the teeth somewhere between 6-12 shades depending on how stained your teeth are before the treatment.

It’s fast – once we have set up the whitening equipment we are only there for just over one hour.

It’s our specialism – we do not offer tanning, nails, skin treatments or anything else only laser teeth whitening.

It’s fresh – save the embarrassment of having laser whitening in a shopping centre.

It’s safe – laser teeth whitening has been around for nearly 10 years and if it was unsafe why are dentists offering the same treatment?

It’s cheaper – if you book with a friend or family member

Laser Teeth Whitening Bedford from the Comfort of your own Home!

We also offer a range of alternatives.

There are the bleaching trays if you want to create a long lasting bright smile.

Used over a number of days, you’ll enter a small amount of solution into a custom tray, and watch as your teeth get whiter and whiter.

You’ll be amazed at the difference this procedure makes, and for a price that you’d be daft to turn down!

How about using one of our specially designed Whitening Strips?

Using these thin, flexible pieces of plastic, once again, with no peroxide used, which will conform to the shape and alignment of your teeth, it’s just yet another method that our technicians can use to give you that perfect smile!

You can have instant results in just 30 minutes, so what are you waiting for?

Or if you’re looking for a quick, last-minute whitening of your teeth, how about one of our Whitening Pens?

It’s a simple tube, much like a toothpaste, that has a whitening gel inside. You can carry it around in your purse or bag, and use it on the go for any unwanted stains.

Got a first date? Take the whitening pen! Job interview after your morning coffee? Whitening pen to the rescue!

It’s simple to use, and there’s no mess while doing a wonderful job of giving you a whiter smile.

Once one of our experts have treated you with our Zoom Laser Treatment, how about a home kit to stay on top of it while you’re at home?

I know you’ll want to keep those newly white teeth, white, so we can offer a home-use touch-up kit to help maintain your teeth.

Just ask your Whitening Expert what they would recommend, and they’ll pick out the best kit that suits both your desires and budget!

We want to help you stand out this Christmas, and for your smile to be the envy of all your friends, so get in touch with one of our consultants while you have the chance!

So whether you’ve heard of us from your satisfied friends, or you’ve seen us online, contact one of our Whitening Experts now to book an appointment. You don’t even have to leave your chair for a brighter smile this year!