After Power Whitening

Once you have seen the amazing results from POWER WHITENING then you will want to keep your teeth looking great and not re-stain them immediately after the treatment.

Your teeth are highly absorbent for the first 48-hours after the treatment. During this time the micro pores of the teeth close back to their normal state but once the 48-period has expired you can continue with your normal everyday diet.

Our advice is simple: – if what you eat or drink will stain a white shirt; then avoid putting it in your mouth during the first 48-hours after Power Whitening!

Avoid (not an exhaustive list)


Tea – coffee – red wine – cola – fruit juices – fizzy energy drinks


Gravy – curries – pasta sauces – beetroot – red meat – green vegetables


Smoking – coloured mouthwashes

Some of the things which are fine to consume for the first 48-hours following your POWER WHITENING treatment


Water – Milk – white wine – lemonade


Jacket potatoes – fish – chicken – turkey – bread – rice – pasta (no sauce)

Remember the basic rule: if it will stain a white shirt then avoid putting it in your mouth!

Before and After Laser Teeth Whitening from Power Whitening