Power Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser teeth whitening doesn’t require many sessions. With a one hour treatment, you will see instant results that you will be happy with. Walk in with stained yellow teeth and walk out an hour later with a whiter brighter smile!!

How great is that and its all pain-free. When you have your desired results there is always the option of a top up session 18-24 months down the line if you choose to keep your teeth as white as they can be.

This is especially useful for smokers and red wine or coffee drinks.

Fast Results

With Power laser teeth whitening, you see an instant result in just one hour. This means no waiting weeks for whiter teeth.

Safe And Effective

Power Whitening has been around a long time and is a non-invasive whitening system is an effective and safe way to whiten the teeth.

Guaranteed And Long Lasting

Before we start the whitening we will show you how white the teeth will go, that’s how confident we are.

Affordable Whitening

Fresh laser teeth whitening is an affordable way of whitening the teeth in just one hour. Get your whiter smile today!

Convenient At Home

We come to you which is convenient and saves your time and money… The Power Way!


Having a whiter smile will give you added self-confidence and self-esteem. Loss the yellow teeth and call us today!