Why Whitening Not Veneers


Cosmetic dentistry is fast catching up with those looking to improve the appearance and colour of their teeth and gums.


There are several cosmetic dentistry clinics offering both in-house dental procedures that can help achieve the required results within a couple of hours. Alternatively, customers can also use prescribed whitening agents at home to get the same results just that it takes a little longer to get that white set of teeth.


Cosmetic dentistry also spans use of teeth veneers or ultra-thin tooth coloured casings that can be fixed over a chipped or damaged tooth to restore a perfect smile. These custom-made veneers made of porcelain or similar material are used to correct misalignment, oddly-spaced teeth, uneven or even badly discoloured teeth that cannot be restored to their natural colour.


What makes a white smile important? Most people prefer a clean and shining smile. After all, people can draw a personal impression of you based on your smile. Your appearance is very important. That’s why so many people are trying to improve their image and your teeth are a major part of your image. You don’t want to distract people with a dull or dingy smile. That’s understandable but why not impress them positively? It’s nice to know your perfect smile’s natural.


Whitening treatment is usually undertaken on a regular basis to prevent build up of stains and plague. Home-based treatments such as whitening tooth pastes, dental floss and dental tapes will help maintain perfectly healthy teeth without any special effort for the process, unless the damage is serious. Intelligent food and cosmetic use also goes a long way in maintaining dental hygiene. Smoking, coffee, tea, coloured berries, fruit juices, red meat or wine are bound to leave a stain on the teeth over time.


Laser teeth whitening is carried out at various clinics and the process takes about a couple of hours approximately. A teeth whitening gel is first applied onto the cleaned teeth and then activated using a laser beam or a source of bright light. The process results in the teeth being several shades lighter than the original colour. However, the impact of whitening on the veneers, fillings and caps are limited.


Effects of Teeth Whitening on Veneers


Teeth whitening techniques are bound to have only a limited effect on the cosmetic teeth veneers, fillings or dental caps, though they also get rid of their stains accumulated over time. If the colour of the veneers or caps is lighter than that of the teeth, whitening will be able to polish the teeth to match the colour of the veneers. However, if the veneer is of a darker shade than the natural teeth, the effect may not be a uniform one.


The first thing people notice about you is your smile. Having white teeth is an important part of your overall image. There are several teeth whitening products on the market today. Let’s review some of the most popular teeth whitening products .


The only way around this problem would be to whiten the teeth and then use a new veneer that best matches the teeth colour. If the fillings are on the molars or behind the teeth, one need not really bother about the end result of the process.


A lot of factors contribute to teeth discoloration depending on a person’s lifestyle. For instance, a smoker’s teeth color is entirely different from the teeth of someone who does not smoke. Nicotine can stain the teeth making it dull and yellowish. This can lessen your confidence especially when talking to another person since you can be mistaken as someone who is unhygienic. Since brushing alone cannot remove all impurities from the teeth, you will have to make use of cosmetic teeth treatment. It can make your teeth color achieve a lighter shade which can lead to a gleaming smile.


Laser treatment for teeth whitening is done to make the teeth gain a white, clean color. It is safe, non-abrasive and is guaranteed with no side effects. Due to its safe nature and the effectiveness of the results, a lot of people seek to whiten teeth in Sheffield by undergoing a laser treatment. As a matter of fact, a lot of establishment are offering the treatment to remove tough stains that brushing alone cannot take out. The procedure does not take long so you won’t have to wait for months or years as results can be immediately seen.


Power whitening procedure starts by polishing of the teeth to remove excess stain. These stains usually come from nicotine, caffeine and even from eating too much meat although it may vary from person to person. Before the entire procedure is started, the teeth are photographed for comparison purposes at the end of the entire treatment. This will allow you to gauge if the discoloured teeth have come to lighten. After taking a photo of your teeth, the gum will then be applied with a hardening gel. This is done to ensure that ingredients used in the whole treatment process will not touch the gum area. Then, the person undergoing treatment will wear a special brace where only the teeth are left to be exposed.


To activate the ingredients, the exposed teeth are faced to a laser machine for 20 minutes or less. This is done repeatedly for about two to three times to guarantee excellent results. To gauge if you have successfully attain the desired results of having whiter teeth, you can take the picture of your teeth prior to treatment and after it is done. You must have at least 8 to 10 times lighter shade of your teeth to determine successful results.



What does having white teeth do for you anyway? Having healthy vibrant teeth will give you confidence. You will be able to meet some one new without hiding your teeth because of embarassing coffee stains or other stains that are impossible to remove by regular brushing.Whiter teeth are a definite way to boost confidence while giving you those teeth of your dreams.Let’s say you have a business and you meet and greet cutomers regularly.You want to look presentable and clean so people will continue buying your product right? Even a quick smile can determine if you sell something,so business owners, lazer teeth whitening is not just for personal use! whether you use this whitening system for personal reasons or professional,you will be very happy with the results.

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