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Due to excess consumption of various stimulants such as coffee, tobacco or tea, your teeth may start discoloring unless you take adequate care of them. Though you should stop consuming these food items to delay discoloring of your teeth, but you would definitely need occasional whitening for removing that yellowish shade and also to maintain whiteness.


Teeth discoloration occurs not only due to the improper eating habits but also because of poor dental care habits. Such teeth may leave a bad impression on persons that you go and meet. Aside from this, people may also suffer from bad breath again due to poor oral hygiene. If you are facing any of these conditions then you should opt for the teeth whitening before its too late for you. You would not want to hide your beautiful smile just because of those discolored teeth!


The process of dental bleaching is quite cumbersome and you will also have to do regular touch ups after a set period of time. The duration depends upon the type of beaching procedure that was used.


Therefore, due to all these difficulties, it is ideal for you to opt for an cost effective yet powerful method that can ensure complete whiteness of your teeth. You can get home teeth whitening kits that are quite effective and economical as their effects lasts for months. Moreover, they can be used at home without any need for some medical supervision.



Another important factor that determines the duration for which your teeth will maintain whiteness is how porous they actually are. People having these types of teeth may absorb easily and may need regular maintenance using a teeth whitening kit because otherwise they will slip back to their yellow color.


Some of the teeth whitening kits have strips that are to be placed on teeth before going to bed and you may wake up with sparkling teeth! These strips are used once every few weeks to maintain the whiteness of teeth.


The home teeth whitening kits come handy when you have plans for teeth whitening at home as they are quite cheap and offer you a quick and easy solution with numerous options. There are many online sellers that offer hot deals on these teeth whitening kits. You can order these kits from the comforts of your home and they will be delivered right to your door once you make payment.“A smile is an inexpensive way to change your looks” is one of the famous quotes of Charles Gordy which clearly portrays the importance of smile in determining your appearance. So, everyone are eager to get a beautiful white smile since they have lost their natural color of the teeth because of different habits like smoking and consuming tea, coffee, or because of aging. Whatever is the reason, there’s no need to worry since a number of teeth whitening products and procedures are available today. Just two decades ago, if you want to whiten your teeth before going on a dating with a newer whiter smile, many whitening toothpastes were available in the market. Unlike those days, nowadays various types of whitening procedures are available.


Numerous at home teeth whitening products are available which give best and effective results. There are three different types of in home whitening procedures. They are as follows.


Brush on whitening is the first method which is pretty easy as it sounds like. The procedure is so simple that is involves the application of the formula on the teeth and allowing it to dry. All the ingredients in it work together effectively to bring out a visibly whiter teeth. The only disadvantage of this technique is that because of saliva, sometimes the formula cannot remain evenly on the teeth as a result of which the results may be sometimes irregular and blotchy.

The second option of smile makeover for added confidence is the whitening strips. The method is so simple and takes no time for preparation. It involves an easy step of peeling the strips off the pack and sticking on to the teeth and leaving for some time. Sometimes, because of the natural grooves and recesses of the teeth, the ingredients of the strips may not come in to contact with all parts of the teeth.

Bleaching trays with gels is an effective whitening procedure that yields best whitening results. They are very affordable and reliable teeth whitening procedures. But one thing to be careful about this method is not to leave the bleach on the teeth for a long period of time since it may lead to sensitive teeth. This reaction is due to the presence of glycerin in the gel as a storing agent.


So, all these at home whitening treatments are found to be very advantageous provided that they are done in the exact manner and procedure that has to be done, followed by a proper dental care. Other than these, many whitening treatments like laser or power whitening are also available which are very costly but at the same time provide better results with the whitening professional’ assistance. It’s up to you to choose at home or in office treatment, but the truth is whatever technique you adapt in the process of whitening your teeth, be sure to check whether it is the suitable method for you in giving a Hollywood smile to your face.


There is a complete contrast between a smile showing yellow teeth or a tight lipped grin where the owner is to scared to show their teeth. However it is not just the look of the new bright smile that makes a difference, it is also the confidence a set of laser whitened teeth can bring to the person. Confidence can be the difference between being successful in life and just getting by. Many people have found that once they have undergone the treatment and transformed their smile they have discovered a new found confidence which has taken their life off in a whole new direction.

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