Is There any Preparation Required for Laser Teeth Whitening ?

The procedure is non-invasive, easy, comfortable, fast, and delivers instant results. It is perfectly safe, with little or no sensitivity.

 Most procedure to whiten the teeth require wearing the tray overnight. However, this is not required in laser whitening procedure. In laser procedure, the technician applies the gel at the start of the procedure, and the procedure gets over within an hour.

The preparations required before the start of the laser whitening procedure are minimal. 

It would not be possible to eat or drink anything for three to four hours from the time of starting the procedure, and as such, it is pertinent to consume some food and drink beforehand. Tooth discoloration occurs mainly because of smoking, and consuming foods that colour, or are heavy in chemical substances. As such, it is a good practise to avoid such foods immediately before the procedure, and 72 hours after the procedure. 

It is important to ensure that the teeth is clean before the procedure. However, it is also a good idea not to brush vigorously, at least 30 minutes before the procedure.

There would be a pre-procedure consultation, to discuss the desired results. The type of whitening gel used for the procedure, and the length of the procedure depends on the desired results. Based on client expectation, the technician draws up a plan for the procedure.

Immediately before the start of the actual procedure, the technician would:

• Measure and record the colour of the teeth using a shade metre, to record the improvement post-procedure.

• Make sure that the client puts on protective eye goggles.

• Insert a Cheek Retractor into the client’s mouth, and apply lip protection cream to the inner surface of the lower gums.

• Dry the surface of the teeth using cotton balls.


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