Fitness With By Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder is a recognized brand which explains why three thousand people worldwide have its logo tattooed on their skin. Will Dean the co-founder and the CEO of Tough Mudder which is a world renowned endurance event firm has been very vocal about this company.

He is quick to point out how people don’t have a British Airways logo tattooed on them because his company is what people most identify with. He says people have often asked him if Tough Mudder is a cult and he is also quick to answer by stating that they are a cult brand. He further defines that a cult brand is simply something that has values and meaning and also stands for something. He insists that those are the qualities that you will need in order to represent anyone in society.

Tough Mudder is speculated to be worth over £50 million which is quite a lot. Before the end of this year more than 2million women and men are expected sign up for the Tough Mudder event by paying between £50-100 each. More than 50% of the people who will sign up for the event will actually manage to reach the finish line. This explains the excitement and determination involved when it comes to any Tough Mudder event. The exercise is usually really hard for the participants and really requires a lot of endurance.

Imagine how running 12 miles of flat land is a great hurdle? Now picture running 12 miles of a muddy and very hilly terrain which also features some very impossible road blocks along the way. There is electroshock therapy featured somewhere and takes the price for the most infamous of the more than 20 obstacles along the way.

The scene of wet and muddy participants with a determined look on their faces is common. As they make their way through live wires which emit a scary 10,000 volts and experience more shocks throughout the event, they are all determined to reach the finish line. They endure more obstacles such as having to plunge into ice water, through problematic monkey bars.

The good thing about this endurance event is that people have to sign up in groups. Teams support in this case comes in handy especially during those difficult moments of having to get through obstacles. In spite of the strength in numbers that is associated with this event, every entrant has to agree to sign a death waiver.

Many people wonder why someone would even contemplate signing up on such a difficult muddy ordeal. Guy Livingstone, the co-founder of Tough Mudder has an answer and he states that the experience is more a mental challenge and has little to do with physical challenge. He further adds that playing in the mud actually brings out the child in us and affords us a different experience.

Tough Mudder is indeed one event that is different from many endurance events and Livingstone is very right when he says that there is a part of this event that is counter-cultural with no winners and losers. Since it involves just reaching the finish line and enduring the obstacles, it is something that gives the entrants something to accomplish or prove.

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